Julia in the Raw

When I first started eating green smoothies, I had ONE recipe that I made religiously. Just getting something that GREEN into me was rather daring! Now I absolutely LOVE my greens and they are a major player in my diet!

My green smoothie guru is Victoria Boutenko http://www.rawfamily.com She teaches that our green drinks should consist of 60% fruit and 40% green.

I have since experimented with adding  wild greens, herbs, and doTerra Essential oils to my smoothies.  It has raised my green drinks to a whole new level! Many people who have objected to the stronger tasting greens like Kale, have liked adding Lemon Essential Oil… they say it helps with the “lawn clippings in a cup” taste, when they are first learning how to love the deeper greens.

By adding herbs and essential oils to my green drinks I have created a powerhouse of healing in each cup…

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